French Open Preview



Photo by Julien Crosnier

Well fans, we are finally to our second grand slam of the 2017 Tennis season, the French Open. It has been quite a clay season to watch so far with the Elina Svitolina and Rafael Nadal dominating almost every tournament. Players like Novak Djokovic and Del Potro have competed well but just haven’t seemed to put out the red-hot Nadal on clay this year. Djokovic now has only won 1 of his last 11 tournaments and goes into the French Open with a shakeup in coaching and hoping he can defend his turf there. Meanwhile, with Serena out and Sharapova not getting a wild card, the WTA title seems like it could be anyone’s to win.



For the women’s side, we are going to have to go with the #6 ranked woman herself, Elina Svitolina to take it all. With seeing her play so far this season she just looks so focused and far better skilled than her opponents. Look out for Halep and Pliskova as well, both could jump at the opportunity to take advantage of this open field. Also, congrats on Petra Kvitova on coming back to her first tournament after the home invasion that left her injured! We hope she does well after such a tragedy. For the men’s side, it looks like Nadal is going to be the man to beat. Even with Agassi by his side, Novak just hasn’t looked well this season and we could easily see him go in an early round like the Australian Open. We are looking forward to watching Zverev play into a deep round but can’t see him topping Rafa who looks like he was born on a clay court. There doesn’t look to be any surprises to predict for early knockouts but you never know with the amount of talent in the top 6 men.

Please check our Instagram page with pictures and updates every day of the tournament! We will be writing our review at the end of the French Open and maybe a quick final prediction before that. Please comment on one of our posts and let us know who you think will dominate the open!


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