Roger Dominates in Miami and 2017?



Photo: Miami Open

After his impressive victory at the Australian Open, all eyes were on Roger at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Surely he couldn’t be reliable enough to count on for two of the 5 biggest tournaments of the year. But then he won that too. THEN all eyes were on him in Miami and the thoughts of most people were that he couldn’t sweep. And then he did. Roger has won each of the three major ATP titles so far this year and has already secured his spot in London. At the age of 35! What happened to these last 5 years and how has Roger suddenly picked up right where he left off at 30?


The stars have certainly aligned to make this 2017 Tennis season belong to Roger. With the lack of confidence in Djokovic and Andy being upset and then withdrawing from Miami, the top 4 has suddenly become the top 2 with Nadal and Federer duking it out in the finals. The other men haven’t really shown enough skill to get past the sort of experience that these two bring in the draw. And not to take anything away from Roger’s playing, he has been tremendous in each match. Now 19-1, Roger is on the throne again and definitely enemy #1 to the top 10 field at the moment especially to slow starters, Andy and Novak.

Finally just to recap a bit of the Miami Open, it was a heavy men’s draw that was filled with great matches but still a bit of a predictable quarterfinal list. There’s Sock making another quarterfinal as well as Berdych. I would’ve liked to have seen Alexander Zverev get past Kyrgios but his play was pretty great in this tournament and well deserved to be in the semis. Nadal had a great win over Fognini to reach the final and he is now a 5-time finalist of the Miami Open but not one win. But overall, great play from the men’s side of things and I cannot wait to see more of Roger Federer this year! And yes that is the last thing I expected to type about the 2017 Tennis season.