Wimbledon Preview; A Federer Slam Before it Even Starts



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The grass court grand slam is just around the corner and we’re back again to talk about who could be taking home the Wimbledon trophy this year. We have a stacked men’s and women’s lineup but you won’t find many different opinions in the Tennis media about which male player will win. The stars certainly seem to be aligned for Roger Federer to dominate this slam. The women’s side, again without Serena, looks to be anyone’s guess but we have narrowed down a few frontrunners for you to watch for. Let’s dive deeper into the two sides.



Roger Federer took some time off (missing the French Open) to help prepare for this tournament. This was a wise decision as I suspect he knew Rafa was too hot during the clay season to beat him in Paris. Now he is well rested, healthy, and most importantly, his opponents are in rough shape. There is no doubt we will be getting a Nadal vs Murray, Djokovic vs Federer semifinal matchup, but none of the big four will be any match for a Roger playing at this caliber. Murray looks to have a pesky hip injury, Djokovic is playing not great this season, and from the interviews, Nadal doesn’t sound all that confident. I believe we are due for another Nadal vs Federer final like Australia with Roger winning in 4. Other dark horses to watch would be Zverev, Stan, and Dimitrov.


Your first question when looking at the women might be could Ostapenko win a second slam in a row? It is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Her playing and mental state in Paris was extraordinary and she will be a strong opponent to beat. Pliskova should have a relatively easy path to the semis so your money would be good with her as well as Halep. Radwanska has not been reliable this season and her grass playing is not someone to look optimistically at. A couple of Americans might put up good numbers with Keys and CiCi Bellis. With how the others have been playing I would say do not look beyond these players to win Wimbledon this year. A dark horse to watch however would be Caroline Garcia.


French Open Preview



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Well fans, we are finally to our second grand slam of the 2017 Tennis season, the French Open. It has been quite a clay season to watch so far with the Elina Svitolina and Rafael Nadal dominating almost every tournament. Players like Novak Djokovic and Del Potro have competed well but just haven’t seemed to put out the red-hot Nadal on clay this year. Djokovic now has only won 1 of his last 11 tournaments and goes into the French Open with a shakeup in coaching and hoping he can defend his turf there. Meanwhile, with Serena out and Sharapova not getting a wild card, the WTA title seems like it could be anyone’s to win.



For the women’s side, we are going to have to go with the #6 ranked woman herself, Elina Svitolina to take it all. With seeing her play so far this season she just looks so focused and far better skilled than her opponents. Look out for Halep and Pliskova as well, both could jump at the opportunity to take advantage of this open field. Also, congrats on Petra Kvitova on coming back to her first tournament after the home invasion that left her injured! We hope she does well after such a tragedy. For the men’s side, it looks like Nadal is going to be the man to beat. Even with Agassi by his side, Novak just hasn’t looked well this season and we could easily see him go in an early round like the Australian Open. We are looking forward to watching Zverev play into a deep round but can’t see him topping Rafa who looks like he was born on a clay court. There doesn’t look to be any surprises to predict for early knockouts but you never know with the amount of talent in the top 6 men.

Please check our Instagram page with pictures and updates every day of the tournament! We will be writing our review at the end of the French Open and maybe a quick final prediction before that. Please comment on one of our posts and let us know who you think will dominate the open!

Roger Dominates in Miami and 2017?



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After his impressive victory at the Australian Open, all eyes were on Roger at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells. Surely he couldn’t be reliable enough to count on for two of the 5 biggest tournaments of the year. But then he won that too. THEN all eyes were on him in Miami and the thoughts of most people were that he couldn’t sweep. And then he did. Roger has won each of the three major ATP titles so far this year and has already secured his spot in London. At the age of 35! What happened to these last 5 years and how has Roger suddenly picked up right where he left off at 30?


The stars have certainly aligned to make this 2017 Tennis season belong to Roger. With the lack of confidence in Djokovic and Andy being upset and then withdrawing from Miami, the top 4 has suddenly become the top 2 with Nadal and Federer duking it out in the finals. The other men haven’t really shown enough skill to get past the sort of experience that these two bring in the draw. And not to take anything away from Roger’s playing, he has been tremendous in each match. Now 19-1, Roger is on the throne again and definitely enemy #1 to the top 10 field at the moment especially to slow starters, Andy and Novak.

Finally just to recap a bit of the Miami Open, it was a heavy men’s draw that was filled with great matches but still a bit of a predictable quarterfinal list. There’s Sock making another quarterfinal as well as Berdych. I would’ve liked to have seen Alexander Zverev get past Kyrgios but his play was pretty great in this tournament and well deserved to be in the semis. Nadal had a great win over Fognini to reach the final and he is now a 5-time finalist of the Miami Open but not one win. But overall, great play from the men’s side of things and I cannot wait to see more of Roger Federer this year! And yes that is the last thing I expected to type about the 2017 Tennis season.

Indian Wells Preview



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The fifth grand slam is upon us! The long February month of Tennis is over and we finally have the BNP Paribas Open in the U.S. to get fans excited about seeing some great Tennis. All the favorites are healthy, the weather looks to be great, and the stakes are high for this tournament. We’ll first go over the men’s preview and who our favorite to win is. Then, we’ll go through the WTA side of things and go over which player could win it all. Comment after the article with who you think will win!


A Hot Murray and a Shaken Djokovic

Djokovic, the defending 3 time champion at Indian Wells, should be the no-brainer choice to dominate again. However, as we have seen lately with Novak getting knocked out the Australian Open and again in Acapulco by Kyrgios, he is a little less reliable this time around. The lack of confidence then gives way to Murray who is coming off a great win in Dubai and who loves to seize opportunities. He has historically not been all that successful in California but could this be his chance to prove himself in the U.S.? Others to watch out for are Milos Raonic who went to the final last year against Novak and also Nadal who has won quite a bit at Indian Wells before.

Our Pick: Andy Murray

Runner-up: Milos Raonic

Serena Looks to Dominate, Pliskova & Kerber Follow

Following her big win at the Australian Open, Serena is certainly eyeing up the BNP Paribas Open next. Without Azarenka around this year to spoil the final (like 2016), Serena looks like she can certainly beat anyone in the draw fairly easily. Pliskova and Kerber, however, follow right behind her and with Pliskova playing fantastic Tennis this year, there is certainly a chance for an upset. Kerber is having a slower start to this year than her fans would have hoped but with her improvements in Dubai, she could show that she is back on track with a solid win at Indian Wells.

Our Pick: Serena Williams

Runner-up: Karolina Pliskova

The Australian Open Review: All Ages Welcome!


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If the final of the Australian Open is any indication of what’s to come later this year, we are in for an interesting ride! A Williams sister matchup on the WTA side and a Federer Nadal Final for the Mens. The Australian Open brought the best alumni up and let viewers enjoy a little nostalgia. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal went at it in a 5 set thriller on Sunday. This came after Nadal already played a 5 hour match against Dimitrov who is basically Federer jr. Nadal was able to hold him off until the end and then finished him to advance to the final 6-3, 5-7, 7-6, 6-7, 6-4. The problem was that the things Dimitrov did well that worked against Nadal, Federer was much better at. This came to fruition at the final when Federer beat Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3. This was Roger’s 18th Grand Slam Title and 5th Australian Open Title and it looks like we have a lot to look forward to from Roger this year!

If the older gentleman in the final wasn’t enough, we had Serena (age 35) and Venus (36) go head to head in the final after some impressive victories for both of them. I honestly thought CoCo Vandeweghe was playing so well that we would see her in the final but a Williams sister match is always welcome! But, as we have seen before, Serena was easily able to dominate her sister, winning straight sets 6-4, 6-4. This gave Serena her 23rd Grand Slam Title and most Australian Open Titles won. The grand slams will certainly be interesting this year if the top players continue to not make it far like Novak, Andy, and Kerber. I will say, it was an exciting change of pace having the field more open with more possibilities of other players winning the championship. Comment below who was your favorite player to watch this Open!